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About Gensquared

Founded in 2010, Gensquared is a business intelligence (BI) consultancy that specializes in bringing your data to life.

For us, bringing your data to life is about helping you organize and transform your data into reliable information and meaningful insights that truly meet your specific, day-to-day needs and wants.

Our team draws on our deep understanding of business drivers and command of technology to deliver relevant, cost-effective and reliable results to your organization.

Whether you’re troubleshooting or enhancing an existing data ecosystem or are looking to introduce an entirely new decision support system, Gensquared is here to help.


To earn our place as your organization’s trusted ally in business intelligence – acting as a steadfast source of meaningful insights, practical solutions and reliable support that empowers you to realize opportunities and to gain significant competitive advantage.


To draw on our business smarts and technical expertise to deliver the most end-user friendly data solutions in our industry – solutions that are built around your specific needs, goals and principles.

We do this by:

  • Investing the time to learn our clients’ business, unique culture, goals and metrics.
  • Proposing innovative plans that allow our clients’ to compete and grow strategically.
  • Delivering solutions that end-users find easy-to-use, reliable and, above, meaningful.


We put ourselves in our clients’ place, always remembering that they face critical business challenges in an increasingly technical and competitive marketplace. We strive to bring them success by understanding their business and providing them with insights, solutions and support.

We are passionate about data because of the opportunities and benefits it creates for people. As such, we commit ourselves to staying on top of innovation and trends in our industry and in the world at large. We also apply our curiosity to our clients’ businesses and industries.

We set the highest standards for ourselves, consistently demonstrating our technical expertise and business knowledge. We cultivate a culture of learning and evolution, empowering our team to grow their skills and to find new ways to add value to clients. We demand and deliver excellence.

We approach our work in an ethical manner, conducting ourselves with the highest level of professionalism. We act openly, respectfully and honestly, charging fair market value for our services and ensuring that those services yield quantifiable results. And we take total accountability for our work.


For a more detailed description of our approach, please visit the BI Services section of our site.

Step 1: Discovery

Unlike traditional BI service-providers, the Gensquared approach begins with a 360° discovery process revolving around you, not your data. We take the time to understand your organization, stakeholders, business strategy, industry and measures of success.

Step 2: Assessment

Gensquared consultants now focus on your data and the information and insights you can (and cannot) extract from it reliably. This assessment yields a customized and measurable strategic plan which identifies your objectives and opportunities – and the path to realizing them.

Step 3: Implementation

Gensquared consultants now swing into action and work in close collaboration with your internal team to realize value, quickly. We think big, but commit to an iterative, step-wise approach that realizes value to your business immediately. Expect practical, predictable and powerful solutions.


Gensquared services clients across North America and in multiple industries. These clients include:

Badger Meter

For more information about these organizations, please visit the Clients & Partners section of our site.