Our Three-Step Approach

Step 1: Discovery

Unlike traditional BI service-providers, the Gensquared approach begins with a 360° discovery process revolving around you, not your data.

  • Our consultants take the time to understand your organization’s strategic vision, values and culture.
  • We strive to understand business: your products and services, processes, the trends impacting your industry, your customer-base and competitive landscape.
  • We meet with your key members of your team across Finance, Information Technology, Marketing and Sales to understand their goals, day-to-day demands and pain points.
  • We identify how you actually manage, analyze, measure, report and predict your business and financial performance.

This 360° profile of you provides us with the human context, an understanding of your reality that goes beyond the numbers to address what you really need and want to achieve a higher level of success.

Step 2: Assessment

Informed by our understanding of you, Gensquared consultants now focus on your data and the information and insights you can (and cannot) extract from it reliably:

  • Data Warehousing: How effectively does your organization model, integrate and analyze data from disparate sources and environments? Can you execute cross-functional analytics easily?
  • Reporting and Analytics: Is your current reporting static and labor intensive to produce? Can your stakeholders truly “drill down” to find actionable insights? Do your dashboards offer depth, ease-of-use and visual appeal? Do you have “anywhere, anytime” access to your data through mobile devices?
  • Data Quality: Is your data actually reliable? Can you count on the information in your reports and dashboards? Is your data reconciled or do you encounter competing versions of reporting data? Does your data require standardization and cleansing?
  • CRM and Marketing Automation: Is your marketing department getting the support and insights it needs to maximize ROI? Can they segment audiences, automate communication and measure campaigns efficiently?

This assessment yields a customized and measurable strategic plan which identifies your objectives and opportunities and puts forward a practical tactical recommendation to move forward.

Step 3: Implementation

With a clear plan in place, Gensquared consultants now swing into action and work in close collaboration with your internal team to realize value, quickly.

  • Iterative Delivery: We do not subscribe to long, drawn out project timelines. We think big, but commit to an iterative, step-wise approach that realizes value to your business immediately.
  • Gensquared Assets: Our clients benefit from our proprietary intellectual property  (such as data models, templates and other frameworks) to reduce project risk, costs and time-to-market.
  • Managed Services: We offer turnkey managed services (such as BI hosting, development and support) to clients who lack the necessary capital, processes, skillsets or procurement capacity.
  • Experience: Our consultants bring extensive and direct experience in the deployment of BI and CRM solutions across industry verticals for organizations ranging from small business to the Fortune 500.
  • Professionalism: At Gensquared, we stake our reputation on our ability to deliver an outstanding level of client service and, above all, results. We take pride in and accountability for our work.

Gensquared’s commitment is to deliver exceptional results. Expect practical, predictable and powerful solutions that work within your budget and timelines.

To get started, contact Gensquared today.