BI tools to save time and money


At Gensquared, we offer you access to our library of proprietary intellectual property tools. These business intelligence tools run the gamut, from data models and dashboard templates to end-to-end frameworks. The idea behind these tools is a simple one: you leverage our knowledge and resources to reduce the risk, costs and time-to-market of your projects.

Gensquared’s Salesforce Catalyst
What is it?
Salesforce Catalyst is a robust analytics solution for Salesforce CRM customers that provides more flexibility and deeper capabilities than what you get “out of the box” with Salesforce.

What does it do?
Greatly expands and improves your analytics capacity by integrating and synchronizing critical data—such as financial, ERP, mobile and external marketing information—from across your company or into a central cloud, providing you with one, cohesive picture.

How does it work?
Combines MicroStrategy as a core analytics engine with a unified data storage schema in the cloud to integrate data from diverse business platforms and systems, including Salesforce information itself.

What if we’ve already customized Salesforce?
For Salesforce customers who have already customized their implementation, all of the custom fields and unique data points being captured today will integrate seamlessly into a unified dashboard.

How does it help?
Salesforce Catalyst acts as a kind of “universal adaptor”, getting all of your disparate data sources working together while minimizing the risk and total cost of ownership in the process.

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