Modernizing Your
Data Platform:
Strategies & Best Practices

Modernizing your data platform doesn’t have to be a painful process. We’ve got all the tips you need right here.


We help companies gain a competitive edge and increase business value for a wide-range of companies with complex and time-sensitive needs.

“What gave us the confidence that Gensquared knew how to help was they have experience specifically on projects of this nature - moving from these legacy data centers into the cloud, and they’ve done it successfully."

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Companies of all sizes struggle with ageing and outdated legacy data platforms. They are expensive to maintain, difficult to scale or have limited integration capabilities. Most businesses desire data-driven insights but are quickly realizing their outdated legacy platforms impact their ability to make informed business decisions.

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Enhanced Insights

Migrating to a modern data platform can not only cut data-associated costs but also increase efficiencies in how you access and interpret your data. Enhancing overall business insights, in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

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Future Forward

Modernizing your data platform is not only a cost-effective way to balance security, data governance needs and provide seamless integration and scalability capabilities. It can also give you access to deeper business insights through the power of AI and ML.


Lack of alignment to business outcomes, fragmented data as a result of data silos, lack of a data-driven culture and skills and knowledge gaps.

These challenges all lie in missed opportunities and lost revenue. In fact, it’s estimated that companies that harness big data’s full power could increase their operating margins by up to 60%.
We can help.

We are changing how data and analytics problems are solved.

Gensquared tackles your biggest data & analytics problems by helping you build a data-driven culture.  Our Data Team as a Service approach is redefining how you organize, structure & deliver trusted data. We are experts in scaling teams, bridging data silos and modernizing data capabilities across the enterprise.

We solve big data problems.

We build data-driven cultures.


A new model for collaboration. We are your data team on demand. Not everyone has their own data team or the skills to scale on demand.

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We bring expertise & leave you knowledge. We partner with you to promote knowledge transfer and help you develop a data-driven culture.

agile data modernization process


We value progress over perfection. We believe in delivering results for the business as often and early as possible.


Find out how our agile & business-centric approach evolves your data capabilities in a rapid and pragmatic way.

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Roadmap to a successful data migration

Now that you see the challenges leaders typically face, and the value in data migration, what’s the roadmap for success? Here’s the agile approach we take:

We work with you to understand your business priorities and make sure they are achieved. Once your business goals are identified, we then look at our vast partner network that aligns with your needs. Since we’re partner-agnostic and work with many different partners, it ensures your migration will be with partners that best suit your needs.

“Gensquared’s reason for being is to deliver value quickly to the people who ultimately need to consume the data.”
Pat Siconolfi, CEO and CO-Founder, Gensquared.


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